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Toronto's On-Camera Teleprompting Service
(Sorry - NO RENTALS without an operator)

Al on outdoor shoot with 7D cam and 17 inch display    

Welcome to ARprompt.com... 
Toronto's reliable choice for professional on-camera teleprompting services!

ARprompt was started with the simple goal of providing a one-stop, versatile and hassle-free teleprompting service. 

So if you're looking for on-camera prompting, you're in the right place!

FIVE prompter sizes
are currently available with operator (pictured below).

17" lcd Display (to 22 feet)                   10.4" lcd Display (to 12 feet)

12" High-Bright Outdoor (to 15 feet)          
iPad Prompter (to 9 feet)

High-bright display iPad prompter

Here's the newest addition to our roster.. A 15" HI-BRITE system by Telescript!!

We've always relied on Telescript's bulletproof teleprompting software, so it naturally made sense to invest in their hardware as well!!

With 1000 nits brightness, this unit will be sent on larger studio and outdoor shoots. Here's a few shots of it already in action...


Note: ALL gear is personally owned and maintained.
"If I don't own it, I don't bring it!" 

All prompters accept both large and small format cameras, including dslrs.  All displays can also switch from on-camera to freestanding quickly and easily - while onsite.
  You're sure to find a prompting solution to suit your needs right here.

So take a look around the website...
kick the tires!

Outdoor teleprompting with Mike (Pinball) Clemons

The Three W's explains teleprompting in general. New & Notable has news and photos from recent jobs.  And the Satisfied Clients page lists some client testimonials.

If you have questions about how teleprompting can help your production, please call me at 416 388-8864 or email info@arprompt.com.  You can also
click here for an online quote or booking.

I look forward to working with you soon!


Telescript computer on greenscreen shoot


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Now equipped for outdoor teleprompting!
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iPad prompting is here!

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Four displays now available (with operator) 

9.7" iPad

10.4" lcd

17" lcd

12" hi-brite lcd


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