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Requesting a quote

Rates can vary with shoot location and job requirements.  Rates are also based on time spent onsite... not the length of script.    However, rates are competitive and half-day rates are available in the Toronto area.

a quote is quick and easy! 
Either use
the 'Information Request Form' below, or contact me directly at info@arprompt.com or 416 388-8864.

(Note: All rates are for a teleprompting service WITH an operator.  NO rentals)

So why choose ARprompt?    

• FLEXIBILITY of 2 prompting styles
ALL displays can easily convert between 'on-camera' and 'freestanding' styles. 
This means you have TWO prompting styles to choose from while onsite- at no extra cost!

• RELIABILITY of 2 laptops
Technology is unpredictable, and laptops can fail for any number of reasons.
That's why TWO laptops with software are brought on EVERY job- at no extra cost.

• CONFIDENCE of a skilled operator
We own the gear we bring onsite, and also know both the hardware and software inside and out.  That means you get an outstanding operator- at no extra cost.

Information Request Form 

A popular way to request information is to use the submission form (below).  I get this very quickly and will get back to you asap. 

If you require a quote, please specify:

  • Shoot location (Toronto or elsewhere)
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Total number and length of days
  • Type of camera, tripod you're using
  • Apprx. distance from subject to camera
  • Any special gear/lens you're using            (i.e. jib, dolly, slider etc.)

When you're finished, click the 'Submit' button.      You will see a confirmation below. 

"Why can't I just rent your gear?"

ARprompt does not rent or re-sell teleprompting equipment.  We provide a turnkey teleprompting service, which means gear is always accompanied by a skilled operator... usually myself. 

This no-rental policy also ensures that gear stays in top working condition for every job.  Unlike rental houses, I know who used the gear last and how it was treated.
And s
peaking of rentals, see below for some potential do-it-yourself pitfalls.

Do-It-Yourself can be dangerous!!

Many ARprompt clients have realized that the difference in cost between renting vs. hiring a professional with gear is quite resonable.  Then factor in the stress and aggravation of trying to do it yourself, and hiring a professional becomes a no-brainer!

Possible D.I.Y. prompting headaches can include:

  • Sourcing a rental house
  • Picking up/returning gear before & after job
  • Hoping gear is in good condition
  • Hoping gear works with your equipment
  • Learning how gear & software works
  • Hiring & training someone to run prompter
  • Not having backup onsite if gear fails!

    Avoid all of these potential pitfalls by making ONE phone call to ARprompt, and have peace of mind knowing that your teleprompting is handled.
    Our clients know that a great operator using top quality gear has tremendous value!

    Click here for a testimonial from an ARprompt client (and former iPad do-it-yourselfer). In it, she describes how D.I.Y. teleprompting almost resulted in an R.I.P. client relationship!


    I continue to build our teleprompter roster with maximum verstility and reliability in mind.  I'm always adding new gear and pictures, so check the 'New & Notable' page often for updates.  Also, feel free to read and sign the ARprompt Guestbook on the 'Satisfied Clients' page. 

    Some final thoughts... ARprompt is not a rental house or a production company that's trying to make some extra money with a teleprompter they just happen to have lying around.  Teleprompting is the ONLY thing we do... and for that reason, I take prompting very seriously.  (I hope you get that impression from just visiting ARprompt.com!)

    The bottom line is... when you hire ARprompt, you have maximum peace of mind come shoot day.  And if you've ever been on a job where seconds count, but the cameras CAN'T roll because the wheels have fallen off for some reason... then you know that peace of mind isn't just worth every penny... it's priceless! 

    Thanks for visiting ARprompt.com and we'll see you onsite for your next project!!



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    Four displays now available (with operator) 

    9.7" iPad

    10.4" lcd

    17" lcd

    12" hi-brite lcd


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