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The What, Why and Who of Teleprompting

This 10.4 display keeps text readable up to 12 feet.
What is on-camera teleprompting?

If you’re unfamiliar with teleprompting, it’s basically like using ‘electronic cue-cards’.  It allows anyone you’re recording to read their script, while still looking directly into the camera lens.  The speech scrolls on a horizontal screen and is reflected onto high-quality glass that the camera shoots through.  Teleprompting does away with memorization, and lets talent concentrate on delivering the message exactly how you want them to.  

Why use a teleprompter?

Once clients (or talent) use a teleprompter for the first time, they never want to go without it again! 
It is so much easier when memorization and/or cue cards are removed from the production equation.

Using a teleprompter saves you time, money, and to be honest.. AGGRAVATION!  It can turn what would have been a full-day shoot into a half-day, by cutting down on the number of 'takes' needed to get the script right. 
A lot more gets done in a day when messages are being delivered properly, concisely and TO CAMERA. 

17inch display with small format camera and riser

Who should you trust your teleprompting to?

Some people think teleprompting is easy and that anyone can do it.  I wholeheartedly disagree.  A skilled teleprompt operator can ease the nerves of a jittery executive or help calm green talent.  They can offer suggestions to make a speech sound and flow better.  But they also know when to remain quiet.

A good teleprompt operator doesn't just "turn a scroll wheel".  They get to know the speaker's pacing, pauses, and their cadence.  There is also a trust that develops between the speaker and teleprompt operator.  The speaker becomes confident that their message will be on screen when they need it.  Whether they speed up, pause or adlib... the operator is with them 100% of  the time.

"WHO should you trust your teleprompting to?"
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