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Pinpoint Mirror Controls

To the left is a closeup of the height and angle adjustment controls for the mirror. The glass can be placed at any height away from the mirror.  In addition, the LCD monitor also slides toward or away from the camera. 

These controls aren't found on older prompting systems.  What they do offer is ultimate viewing flexibility.  Having this control allows talent, executives, or anyone on camera, to concentrate on what's important... delivering their message perfectly... TO CAMERA.

Perfect Lens Placement

Getting perfect lens placement with today's smaller cameras is done with a convenient dual riser bracket (right).

Using a combination of the riser bracket and the mirror adjustments, we can position your lens exactly where it needs to be--      directly in the middle of the glass.


Small format cam with dual riser bracket


High Quality Video Signal

Our lcd displays use a high-quality vga signal direct from our computer.  We DON'T use a scan converter to convert the signal (and degrade the image quality).



No Power?  No Problem!

If you're shooting in the field with no access to regular power, but would still like to have teleprompting, there are a few solutions we can offer.

One option is having a vehicle within about 50 feet of the shoot area.. and we can can safely tap into the car's battery with our power inverter. 

If it's a really remote location, the other option is our portable power boxes.  Two of them should last an entire 10 hour shoot day outdoors*, as the prompter display and laptop draw very low wattage. 


*Please note: Duration time will vary depending on outdoor temperature.


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Now equipped for outdoor teleprompting!
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iPad prompting is here!

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Four displays now available (with operator) 

9.7" iPad

10.4" lcd

17" lcd

12" hi-brite lcd


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