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New & Notable

Below are announcements and a 'stills diary' of different jobs and setups we have done in the past.
Scroll down to see MANY different options and configurations at your disposal (most recent is at the top).

We've prompted everything from simple one-person crews to 30+ crew member TV/film shoots.
We've prompted everyone from actors to executives... personalities to politicians... Olympians to astronauts.
We've prompted everywhere from studios to churches.. boardrooms to basements.. & everything in between!

BEEN THERE... PROMPTED THAT!  (I really need to get that on a t-shirt)

Look... Up in the sky!!

Sometimes the camera needs to go up... WAY UP!! 

Car shoot on a Chapman dolly and slider

This was a MASSIVE car shoot with many different setups... They even made it rain indoors at one point! There's a prompter somewhere under that tarp!

Over-the-shoulder prompters for actors!

Sometimes the script is VERY long or the dialogue needs to be verbatim. For those instances, we can place teleprompters over the actors shoulders and 'cheat their eyelines' so it still looks like they're looking at each other. 

Very clever and speedy way to get through a content-heavy script!

Hangin' in the Toronto FC's locker room...

It was a pleasure to meet and prompt for Toronto FC
Goalkeeper Joe Bendic on this recent PSA spot.

David Suchet as Poirot

I received a last minute call from PBS in the United States. 

They were doing a documentary on the long running
Agatha Christie series, Poirot... and David Suchet,
who has played the lead character for over 20 years,
was in town and available for an interview! 
The prompter was for a few stand-ups after the interview
was finished and the freestanding 17" display was ideal.

I'm very pleased I was available for this shoot, as it was a
pleasure to meet and work with Mr. Suchet. 
He was also kind enough to pose for a few pictures...
I'm the guy with the moustache!

Governor General of Canada Video

I was very proud to get the call to teleprompt for
The Governor General of Canada for a recent
announcement promoting Canadian Films. 

Camera was a Canon C300 and the 12"
high-bright prompter was used.

The picture to the right shows His Excellency,
the Right Honourable David Johnston along with
everyone involved with the video shoot.

Teleprompting for a different kind of 'star'!

I had the pleasure of recently working with former astronaut and
Order of Canada recipient, Dr. Roberta Bondar!

Camera was a Sony F-5 and the teleprompter was the 10.5" lcd. 
The script was in both English and French. 

As an aside, while I don't bill myself as bi-lingual,
I have prompted french scripts countless times.

Video of Olympic proportions!

It was inspiring to prompt for retired Olympian,
World Cup Medalist, TV analyst and personality
Kelly VanderBeek on this video shoot.

There was a possibility of needing to mount onto a steadycam,
so I had to be ready for anything! 
Turns out a standard tripod with the 10.5" lcd was perfect for the scene.

Should I change our name to 'MasterPrompt'?

One of the things I love about teleprompting is it's always different,
and you never know what's around the corner..

This shoot on the MasterChef Canada set was no exception!

We paired an Arri Alexa with the hi-brite prompter on this one.

iPad 'above lens' teleprompting

Just finished a tricky job where the monitor needed to be mounted ABOVE the lens while on a jib. 

The two pics below show how the iPad was mounted to a Red Epic on a powerpod lite, aerocrane dolly. 
The prompter mount was lightweight and rock-solid, even when the camera shot at a 90 degree angle!! 
The commercial was for a national brand of cooking sauce.

High-brite on a slider

This shoot had us using with a Canon 5D, both indoors and out.. and mounting the Hi-brite prompter on a cinevate slider.  Executive Chef Jason Parsons had no issues viewing the text on the 1000 nits bright screen.



Have gear.. Will travel!!

We just finished a multi-province job for a major pharmaceutical company. 
They needed continuity of crew and gear in ALL provinces to ensure the shoots went smoothly.

Traveling with gear can be a bit of a minefield,
but the flight-ready pelican cases were great to transport the 10.4" prompter display. 
The case was even underweight- so no extra baggage costs were incurred.

Very happy to report all shoots in all provinces went flawlessly.

iPad teleprompting.. with a GoPro??

Just when you thought you'd seen it all!  The pics below are from a shoot using a GoPro camera paired with the iPad teleprompter.  The shot had a woman seated at a desk, and the prompter was her 'computer screen'.  

I'm running out of ways to say 'so cool'!! 

iPad GoPro teleprompting



Second steadycam shoot with iPad prompter

Wireless wins again! 

Just shot this multi-day national commercial campaign for a major beer company.

Camera was a C300 mounted on a steadycam. 
I could be anywhere within 50 feet of the iPad and still control it wirelessly. 

Amazing technology and ideal use for the iPad teleprompter!

2 eyelines for actors

This shoot had 2 actors seated across a desk from each other.  They never needed to look directly to-camera, so we set up 2 freestanding prompters with their extensive script.  The camera angles were such that it looked like the actors were looking at each other- as opposed to reading their lines.  Made the shoot not only go smoothly, but shortened the day as well!

Prompter on a skateboard dolly??

Whaaa?  I had never seen a dolly this small before- let alone with a teleprompter on it!!  We mounted our 10.4" prompter on this Konova K Skate Dolly.  The camera was a 5D and the client was a major auto insurance company. 

We love pushing boundaries and trying out new setups like this!!

Konova K-Skate Dolly with prompter Konova K Skate Dolly with 5D and teleprompter

First outdoor prompting job a success! (was there any doubt?)

Here are a few shots from our first outdoor prompting shoot with the new high-bright/outdoor display. 
We had the 12" high-bright 'freestanding' on our own stand in front of a Sony NEX FS-100. 
Being separate worked well- as there were several repos.. easier and quicker to move around.

The job was a vehicle comparison video and the conditions were terrible for prompting! (direct sun, no cloud cover).  However, the talent did a fantastic job, and so did the equipment! 
I'm VERY happy with how this new high-bright prompter works in the field. 

iPad prompter with Red Epic Cam on jib

Wireless came in handy on this commercial advertisement for mineral water.  These shots show the ipad prompter with a Red Epic camera on a jib arm.

Cue scary Darth Vader music!

It's not everyday that you get to meet and work with Stormtroopers in authentic Star Wars costumes!  Luckily they didn't need to read the prompter, as I don't know how they see through those helmets!  This shoot was for a regular program airing in a major theatre chain and the 10.5" freestanding lcd did the trick on this one.

17" lcd with Red Epic on jib/dolly

This was quite the build for an online gaming commercial!  17" lcd with a Red Epic.. and the lens was a monster- a 17-80 Engenue Optimo.  Worth more than my car.. a LOT more!

iPad prompter with 5D on a Cinevate™ Atlas Slider

This job screamed for the iPad!  We couldn't weigh down the slider any more than necessary- and the 5 pound iPad mount was ideal.  There's a 5D in there somewhere! :)  The commercial was to air on a popular morning show in Toronto.

Teleprompter to the stars!

Just wrapped a multi-day job at TIFF - (Toronto International Film Festival for non-Torontonians reading this). 
This was for an international PSA campaign to help raise funds to fight poverty and disease in Africa.  The ONE campaign.

I'm not one to name-drop, but MANY stars passed in front of the prompter over the three days. 
I'll tell you who on the next job you have me out on.  :)


Teleprompting for "Total Recall" remake!

Sorry.. no shots from this one. 
As you can imagine, personal cameras are strictly forbidden on jobs like this. 

Needless to say, it was a great shoot to be involved with.

Steadycam with iPad teleprompter

iPad steadycam shoot

Completed a multi-day steadycam shoot with the iPad prompter and the new Sony F3The job was for a point of purchase technology.  The iPad mounted to the steadycam rig very easily.. like they were made for each other!  We shot in several locations- a movie theatre, a grocery store and a book store to name a few.  The iPad was perfect in this scenario, and people were blown away by the wireless prompting technology

Steadycam paired with a wireless iPad teleprompter- cutting edge or what?!

iPad prompter mounted on steadycam iPad prompter mounted on steadycam

Red Cam on track & dolly/jib

Here's a couple of shots from a studio shoot that paired the 17" display with a Red Cam on a track & dolly/jib.  Talent was about 20 feet away and had no problem viewing the teleprompter screen.  The shot to the right has the arm extended to the maximum height- about 8.5 feet.

First iPad shoot!

All the testing paid off.. Everything went really well on our first iPad prompting shoot for a pet supply store.  The pics below show a Sony EX-1 camera on the iPad mount.  This was a great use of the iPad prompter- a short script, and a short distance to the subject.

iPad with Sony EX-1 camera Onset with the iPad teleprompter

We are gathered here today... to teleprompt in St. James Cathedral.

Glad to be part of this recent shoot in St. James Cathedral.  This one paired a Canon 5D with the 10.4" lcd display.  Thanks to Brian for sitting in for the shot :)

Fill 'er up!!

You never know where we'll be next.. This shoot at a gas station in Toronto ran the teleprompting gamut-- Indoor, outdoor, freestanding, on-camera, dolly shots.  Everything was handled and the client loved it!

Another Red One Shoot

Isn't this a gorgeous shot?  A Red Cam paired with the 17" on-camera display.  Thanks to Barry for the pic!

Canon 7D/On-Camera Teleprompter Shoot

Below are shots from another Canon 7D SLR shoot.  This time it was better to mount the camera directly onto the prompter sled.  We also used the riser bracket to achieve ideal lens placement.  The 10.4" display was used here as well.

7D camera with 10.4inch display

Should I share this??

Well now I can say I've prompted pretty much everywhere possible.  The shots below were taken from a shoot in the washroom of a large corporation... At least I had no problem finding a seat!  Camera was a JVC ProHD 100U.

Canon 7D/Freestanding Teleprompter Shoot

Below are pictures from a shoot with a Canon 7D SLR camera. The prompter and tripod needed to be separate for the shoot, as some lines were delivered to-camera and others needed to be off-camera, or 'interview style'.  The freestanding teleprompter was ideal for this scenario, as you can move it quickly and easily anywhere you need it without being tied to the tripod.  The 17" lcd display was used.

Ever seen a prompter used with a 7D before?  Now you have!

Freestanding prompter directly in front of 7D camera Freestanding prompter directly in front of 7D camera

Got RED?  Got you covered!

Below are pictures from car dealership shoot using a RED ONE Cam with the 10.4" display.  The universal teleprompter mount accepted this high-end camera with no issues.  You may notice that the side prompter curtains are hanging down for the picture.  When up and in place, they do a great job of keeping text readable by blocking external light to the lcd screen.

This is the first time the cameraman had used a teleprompter with his RED Cam before. 

Prompter with RED ONE cam- rear view Prompter with RED ONE cam- front view

Queen's Park Shoot with the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

The picutres below were taken at a Queen's Park shoot for the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.  It shows the 10.4" teleprompter display paired wtih a full sized Sony PDW-F800 XD camera

Jib-Shoot for the internet

Below are some stills from a jib-shoot in the Distillery District for a smoking cessation gum.  The jib operator appreciated the lightweight mount and display (only 6 lbs).  The talent loved the fact that he could read his script clearly up to 12 feet away while the jib was in motion!!  


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